• Recent work - MERI Eye Research Institute

    Annual report/Calendar 2016/2017

  • Featured work - Ipsen Nutropin Aq

    Injection guide & information brochures

  • Featured work

    Photoshop painting & reconstruction

  • Featured work - Marketstrat

    Mascot & set of 16 illustrations

  • Featured work - MERI Eye Research Institute

    Annual report/Calendar

  • Featured Work - NSW transcriptions

    Logotype, print materials & website

About me

I am a Swedish graphic designer inspired by the ocean and driven by the responsibility I believe we have as communicators to make the world a better place.

In my role as a graphic designer I aim to inspire people through strong and atmospheric designs based on solid conceptual ideas. In all the work I do I focus on creating imagery and design that draw you in, encapsulate you, talks to you and stir you both emotionally and intellectually.

My current clients range from coffee roasters to business strategists and actors and I see it as a complete privilege to get the opportunity to tell their story.

I am currently based in Stockholm, Sweden working as a freelance designer. Please browse through my portfolio to see my work and feel free to contact me if  you have any questions, would like to know more about me or would like to discuss a project or position.

RichZone, Apotek Hjärtat, Simon Says AB, Selga/Rexel, Santander Consumer Bank, Ipsen, McPherson Eye Research Institute, Select Origin Coffee, Bönor för Bönor, Mälarö Städ, Mälarö Omsorg, NSW Transcriptions, Metiisto Artisan Chocolate, Outta the box Group, Andrew Carlton, Marketstrat, Kukkak Design

Advanced Diploma of Communication Design – Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts
Bachelor Degree of Communication Design – Swinbourne University